Monday, October 21, 2013

9 Months!

Abigail is 9 months old :) She's been out in the world lighting up our lives for as long as she was baking in my belly! Pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago for some reason. Abby is such a little person these days. I think she looks SO big lately, and then I see her in her dad's arms and she looks like a little baby again :)

Abby has her two front bottom teeth and the two front top ones are going to be poking through any day now. Teething has been accompanied by LOTS of night waking and sleep has been scarce for both of us lately. I'm sincerely hoping it passes and she starts sleeping better soon!! We had a stretch of about three days where she was sleeping 10 hours straight again and that felt like bliss compared to this past week!! She has also just started babbling consonants and her favorite phrases to tell are Yaya and Dada! It is beyond adorable, and I have a feeling that this most recent developmental milestone is another reason for her sleep troubles. I can't wait to hopefully hear Mama soon!

Lil Miss is still not crawling. She loves to walk around while holding onto someone's hands and will do that all day if you let her. She likes to stand holding onto the furniture, but the little stinker bites and scratches the couches so we don't let her as often as I wish we could. We borrowed a walker from friends but then I discovered that it was scratching our wood floors, and unfortunately that is just not a price we are willing to pay to let Abby run around in the walker. She gets lots and lots of play time on the floor and my guess is that she will figure out crawling in the next month or two. She's growing so fast!!

Abby is still nursing 5-6 times a day, but she is back to eating all table food too and loving it!! She enjoys eating so much and will pretty much eat anything we give her at this point. It's going great so far! 

Here are some recent pics:

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