Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Shower Weekend!

We had an amazing weekend that included a reunion with my college girlfriends and their significant others, a home MSU football game, some time with my sister, and not one, but TWO baby showers!  I'm absolutely exhausted but it was all more than worth it :)  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw us an absolutely beautiful shower at a restaurant called Brick Street.  They planned every single detail impeccably, from the personalized limited menu, to the beautiful cake and party games.  There was a great turn out for the shower, with lots of family and family friends.  My college girlfriends also threw us a surprise shower Friday night while we were out for our reunion dinner.  It was so much fun to get so many adorable outfits and gifts for Abby!  Here are some highlights and details from the shower.

The restaurant where the shower was held:

Me and my twin sister Barbara, who drove in from Ohio for the weekend:

Me, my sister, and my mom:

The Main family (minus Matt):

Some pictures of the cake table, along with the adorable diaper cake that my sister made for us:

More gifts than we could have ever imagined!

Some of the games, shower favors, and the personalized menu:

We received SO many wonderful gifts, including a stroller, car seat, rock n' play, bouncy seat, play gym, baby carriers, a baby bathtub, a sound machine, a baby monitor, a car seat cover, and many, many more items.  Plus, more clothes than I could ever dream of!  Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite little things we received:

This adorable mobile for Abby's crib:

A Michigan State tutu that Abby will most definitely be wearing many times over the next few years! 

Lots of adorable stuffed animals, including a super-soft teddy bear made from alpaca fur:

 Some handmade art work from my sister that is going to hang over the glider chair: 

Just some of the clothes, blankets, bibs, hats, and socks we received for Abby (plus a cat who is loving all of the new snuggly stuff to cuddle with!): 

I've already decided that this is going to be the outfit that Abby will wear when we bring her home from the hospital!  The insanely adorable hat is from Aunt Jennie (Dave's sister) and the owl outfit is from Aunt Bea (my sister):

I received these gorgeous diapers bags too!  The Kate Spade bag I got a few weeks ago from the family I work for, and the adorable Kalencom bag is from Aunt Melissa (Dave's sister): 

I'm really hoping that Abby will fit into this adorable dress from my college girlfriend Melissa by the time Easter arrives!  It is just gorgeous and came with a matching headband and tiny little socks:

I can't wait to start baby wearing and use this wrap carrier that we got from my college girlfriends Jenn and Sarah:

There are SO many more gifts that I love, but this post would never end if I took pictures of everything!  Our friends are planning to throw us a couples shower in December so we'll get to celebrate baby Abby all over again in just a little while :)  We really are so blessed and lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.  This weekend exceeded all of my expectations and then some!  Words just don't describe enough how truly thankful we are.  I started feeling so emotional just thinking about how loved this little girl is on the way home from our shower yesterday.  We just can't wait until she's here!  In the meantime, I have a LOT of laundry and folding to do! :)

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