Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Abby is a little over 7 weeks now, and things have been going pretty well lately!! In fact, she's even going to spend her first night away from home and sleep over at Granny and Grandad's house this weekend so that Dave and I can have a night of baby-free fun together. Hopefully I can get a little extra sleep too, even though I will have to get up to pump a few times! I'm nervous to leave Abby but also excited for a night out! She hasn't been great about taking a bottle lately, but I have to think that if she's hungry enough she will take it, plus my mom fed her a bottle a few weeks ago and she drank it really quickly without a tear!

Abby is growing so much lately! I already can't believe how different she looks from when she was brand new. I weighed her on our regular scale last night and she weighs 9 pounds 6 ounces. Next week she has her two month check up...I wonder if she'll be ten pounds by then! These days Abby is much less fussy and is having more alert awake time. She likes laying in her crib and looking at her soother, spending time on her play mat talking to her "friends", being held and walking around the house looking at pictures on the walls, and making faces and "talking" to people. She's so cute when she coos! I can't get enough of her happy little sounds. She has also just recently started making this "wah" sound that comes before she actually cries. Her whole mouth turns down into a big pout and she says, "Wah!" It's like she's warning me that unless I make her happy she'll start to cry. It's downright adorable and whenever she does it I just want to mimic her! Plus I love that she's communicating more these days and crying less! I need to take some video of her to post here soon.

Abby's Aunt Melissa flew in last weekend from Denver for a quick visit. It was so wonderful to see her! I was terrible about taking pictures - bad mommy!! Thankfully my in-laws took some! Here are a few pictures from Melissa's visit and also some recent pictures of miss Abigail:

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