Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recent Happenings

It's still hard to believe that Abby is almost ten weeks old!  Things have been going really well lately and I feel like I've finally really adjusted (and so have my crazy hormones!) to being a stay at home mom with a baby.  Abby still doesn't have a set routine during the day, but she is definitely more predictable lately.  Knowing what to expect has made things MUCH easier for both of us.  Of course, now that I feel like I've got her figured out, I'm sure something is bound to change!  That's just part of being a parent though :)

Since Abby was born, I've loved baby wearing.  I have a Baby K'tan wrap carrier and also an Infantino carrier.  I still adore the K'tan for close snuggles, but it's not a great wrap for walking distances or wearing long periods of time.  The Infantino carrier is this one:

It's not terrible, but my back really starts bothering me (especially because I am still experiencing pain at my epidural sight) after a bit and Abby honestly never seemed all that comfortable in it.  The buckles are located in a weird spot and touch her face a lot if she moves her head back and forth.  Anyway, after doing a ton of research and spending a lot of time on eBay, I finally decided to splurge on this beauty:

It's a Boba 3g.  First of all, how cute, right?  I love the kangaroo pattern.  But even more importantly, it is SO comfortable.  Abby loves it.  I've only had it a few days and we've used it every day, once to walk around Meijer, plus a few outside and inside walks.  

She's so cozy in it and usually ends up falling asleep after looking around for a while.  One of the great things about this carrier is that it fits children from 7-45 pounds without an infant insert.  The bottom of the carrier snaps up into itself to shorten the torso for babies under 15 pounds.  Abby fits perfectly.  Then once she's older, the seat deepens and widens to provide an ergonomically correct sitting position for her.  I am so excited to use this for years to come with her and any other children we end up having.  I'm excited to back carry too once she gets big enough, but that won't be for quite some time yet!

Abby had a few rough days last week where she wasn't napping or sleeping at night as well as she usually does.  Thankfully (knock on wood!!), that seems to have passed and she is back to taking a few naps during the day, with one longer one in the early afternoon, plus sleeping well at night.  She goes to bed at 7:30pm and usually gets up to eat sometime between 2-3am.  Then she goes back down until around 6:30-7am.  Sometimes after that early morning feeding I can get her to go back down for another hour, but sometimes she's up!  I don't mind having an early riser since we're all up early in this house anyway.  Dave is usually up around 5am!  One night very recently Abby actually slept 8 straight hours!!  I'm hoping that her good sleeping habits continue and that eventually by 4-5 months we can try cutting out the middle of the night feeding.  We shall see how things go!  We're also going to try to transition her from the rock 'n play to her crib this weekend.  She naps in there occasionally, but has never slept in her crib longer than an hour.  Part of me is scared to crib train her and lose the 7-8 hour stretch, but maybe it will go smoothly and she'll sleep in her crib at night just as well as she does in the rock 'n play.  I'll be back with an update next week!  Until then , here are a few more recent pictures:

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