Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day In the Life - 5 1/2 Months

It's been a while since I've done a day-in-the-life post, so here is a snapshot of yesterday. Not all days are a busy as that one, and Abby's naps are still all over the place! It's a good recount of life as we know it right now though :)

3:30am - Abby cries out in her sleep. She's been waking up crying occasionally for the past week or so, and we think it's because she is either teething or having gas. I wait a minute to see if she'll settle down on her own. Success!

4:30am - Abby is cooing (better than crying!). I know better than to leave her this time and go in for a quick nursing session. Dave is awake when I get back to bed and he decides to get up for the day. I read, etc on my phone and never fall back asleep. 

5:45am - I give up trying to fall back asleep and hop in the shower before Dave does (so that I can have as much hot water as I want! Haha). 

6:00am - I pump, have some coffee, and warm up some baked banana oatmeal for breakfast while watching the news. 

6:40am - Abigail is up for the day! I leave her in her pjs and try to nurse but she's not interested. She gets a quick diaper change and then we say goodbye to Dad and have some playtime. 

7:20am - I need to get some chores done so Abby goes up on my back in her "Roo" (the Boba 3G carrier) while I sweep, dust, and do some laundry. 

7:45am - Abby is getting fussy and rubbing her eyes. We go up to her room to nurse, then she goes down for a nap (still in her pjs!). She is asleep by 8am. Time for me to get dressed and ready for the day. Then I have another cup of coffee, check email, Facebook, etc, and make some lists for our camping trip this weekend. 

9:20am - Abby is up from her nap! Some days she only takes short naps but that one was an hour and twenty minutes so I'm thrilled! She gets a new diaper and a clean outfit. I offer a quick nursing  "snack" and then we head to the grocery store across town. 

9:45am - Abby rides on my back in her "Roo" while I grocery shop. They store is being remodeled (I shop at Aldi) so it takes me forever to find everything I need. By the time everything is bagged up Abigail is fussy and ready to be done in the carrier.

11:00am - Abby plays in her jumperoo while I unload and put away all the groceries. I sit and play with her for a little while so she can practice rolling over and sitting up. She starts getting fussy and I know her "afternoon" nap is getting close. 

11:25pm - I take Abby up to nurse and get another fresh diaper. She is exhausted and goes to sleep without a peep. I have lunch, dig out the air mattress and some other camping stuff from the basement, do some laundry, and read for a bit. 

1:20pm - Abby wakes up. That was a GREAT afternoon nap! Almost two hours! That's practically unheard of lately. She nurses a little bit and gets another diaper change (we still nurse a lot!). There were a few things that Aldi didn't have so we head out to Family Dollar to search for them. 

2:00pm - Home from the store. I couldn't find everything I needed, plus we need to get some drinks for our camping trip, so we will have to go to yet another store later (the joys of shopping at Aldi! It's worth it though). I bought Abby a sippy cup at Family Dollar so I put her in her high hair and put an ounce of breast milk in the cup. She plays with it but doesn't really drink anything. We are going to start solids soon so I experiment with feeding her breast milk on a kiddie spoon. She loves the game but doesn't really get it!

3:20pm - A is fussy again and I know that there's no way she will make it until bedtime without nap #3. I try putting her down without nursing but that ends in tears, so we end up nursing for a few minutes. I don't nurse her to sleep, just a little bit to get her drowsy. She's out by 3:40pm. 

4:00pm - Start prepping dinner. It's just BLT's and salad so it's quick and easy! A friend texts and asks if I want to meet her for dinner. As much as I really want to, we're already over budget this week and it's just not in the cards. I remind myself that being a SAHM is about making choices, and sometimes those choices include sacrificing fun times out to be able to stay at home with Abby. I'm sad about not seeing my friends, but it's worth it in the end.

5:00pm - Dave is home. He usually gets home by 4:30 but stayed a little later today. I actually have to go wake Abby up from her nap! She almost NEVER takes a long third nap like that. We eat dinner in the living room while A plays on her playmat and jumperoo. We plan to stop watching tv while eating dinner pretty soon!

5:30pm - Dave and I both want to go finish getting the last of our camping groceries, so we all head out to Kroger. 

6:30pm - Back from the store and it's bath time! Abby gets a bath and jammies. It's Dave's turn to do bedtime tonight. Abby gets a 5oz bottle from Daddy. She fusses for a while before falling asleep,which is unusual for her but could be because of her late afternoon nap. I end up going up and rocking her for a little bit.  She's finally asleep by 7:40pm.

7:30pm - I pump while watching tv. Dave and I watch Wheel of Fortune and hang out.

8:40pm - Dave has an early meeting and needs to be in the office by 6:15am the next day. He starts getting the coffee ready for the morning when we both hear Abigail start screaming. She's been doing this every few nights or so and we are both stumped - she very rarely wakes up crying! Dave goes up to comfort her, but she isn't settling so I join him. We end up taking A in our bed for a few minutes until she calms down. She goes back to sleep in her crib after just a few minutes of snuggle time.

9pm - Dave heads to bed.  I should go to bed myself but I end up watching a tv show instead.

10:00pm - I head to bed. There is a music festival in town and the noise keeps me awake. I finally fall asleep close to 11pm.

4:15am - Dave is up for the day.

5:30am - Abigail is awake and the whole day starts over again! Thankfully she goes back to sleep for a bit and so do I!

So, that is what yesterday looked like! Not all days are filled with quite so many errands. Some days we have play group at a friend's house down the street, other days we walk to the park to swing, some days we just stick close to home or go visit granny. Sometimes the days feel long, and sometimes they fly by. We are still nursing very frequently and without much of a schedule. Hopefully once A starts solids we can cut back the nursing sessions a bit. Part of me longs for when Abby gets a little older and we can get out and about more, especially in the summer. I'm excited to take her swimming at the lake and to the splash pad or water park. Right now those things all seem silly since she's so little still. Time is flying though, so I'm trying to savor the baby years and all the sweet and silent cuddles while I can!

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