Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elective Ultrasound!

I have my 16 week bump picture on my camera and need to download and edit it still. That post will hopefully come later today! But first, we found out yesterday that baby #2 is a BOY!! For a little while now, I've been wanting to book an elective early gender ultrasound. I just couldn't seem to justify the cost knowing that our anatomy scan is only a few more weeks away. In the end, though, my impatience won out. I haven't felt as connected to this pregnancy as I did with Abby's, so I am hoping that knowing the gender now and being able to really get started on things will help with that connection. 

Saturday, Granny and Grandad came to watch Abigail and Dave and I set off for our appointment. When we had our early ultrasound with Abby, we had to drive to Brighton. Luckily, the same place we went to in Brighton (Baby Envision) opened an office here in Lansing a few months ago! We stopped to get some orange juice for me to drink to make sure that baby wasn't sleeping, and got to the ultrasound place early. When it was our turn, we went back and I got ready for the goo on my belly. The tech we had wasn't very friendly or talkative, which was kind of a bummer. Also, the equipment at this office wasn't nearly as new as the equipment at the Brighton office, which was also not great. But, we still got to see baby and that was very nice. After a while of showing us the face and profile, she moved on to looking for the sex. I could tell after just a few passes of the ultrasound wand that there was definitely a penis there! The tech said, "Well, I know what your baby is," and I told her that I also knew and that it was a boy! She said I was right and showed us on the screen. She wasn't able to get a super clear picture of a "potty shot" without cord interference. After that, we tried looking at baby in 4D for a while. Nothing was very clear, which was disappointing because with Abigail it was very clear, but it was still nice to see our son! Of course I cried :) After the appointment, the woman working at the desk printed out some pictures for us and said that she wasn't very happy with how they turned out. She offered for us to come back next Saturday for free to try to get some better pictures (with a different tech!) and I happily agreed! I'll probably go by myself since we don't want to have to find someone to watch Abby again. Dave seemed fine with that. So, we will be welcoming Andrew David Main into our family in October! Some people seemed surprised that we shared the name on Facebook, but I really love sharing the name early. It's so much better than just calling him "baby boy" for the next 5 months! Hopefully we are able to keep the nicknames at bay for now, because Dave and I both prefer Andrew over any common nicknames. We have our full anatomy scan on June 9th, so it will be great to see him again then too and also get confirmation that he is healthy and everything looks good! We are so, so excited for Abigail to have a little brother!

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