Thursday, August 7, 2014

28 Weeks - Andrew

I've been such a bad blogger lately!! I have been meaning to post for ages but just never seem to sit down and do it. So, here we go...

Pregnancy is going fine. I'm a little over 28 weeks, so if I deliver at 39 weeks 1 day like I'm hoping for, baby Andrew will be here in exactly 11 weeks. It still feels really, really far away! And yet when I think about having two kids I am so insanely terrified. This pregnancy continues to be very different than my first. I've gained 14 pounds so far (yuck) and feel absolutely enormous. Nothing fits right, not even some of the maternity clothes I bought specifically for this pregnancy. I'm hoping the weight gain stops soon!! Laying off the ice cream would probably help...
I was recently having a lot of horrible lower back pain. Basically, every step I took with my right foot sent shooting pains down my butt and leg. Most likely, it was because Andrew was breech and irritating my sciatic nerve. I started seeing a chiropractor last week and it has helped immensely!! I am feeling so much better, and wouldn't you know, after just three visits Andrew is no longer breech! I actually am pretty sure that he flipped after the second visit, but an ultrasound this week confirmed my suspicions for sure. It has made things much more comfortable for me. My blood pressure was perfect at my last appointment and I passed my one hour glucose test, plus he is measuring right on target. All great news! Here he is around 24 weeks:

I'm feeling better mentally than I was the last time I wrote. It's been nice to enjoy the summer weather and get out and about a lot with Abby. She is doing great these days and it's so much fun to see her learn every day. She is currently teething and we are really hoping to at least see some molar points poke through soon. Some people claim that teething doesn't affect their kids - I wish!!! Abby is a monster for weeks before she cuts teeth. Combine that with newfound independence and assertiveness and some days are pretty rough for us both. But, we power through and I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. Nap time also helps!! I'm still really scared and overwhelmed when I think about what life will be like with two. Abby is just such a mama's girl, and she is still very clingy. I'm trying to encourage her to play more on her own, but most days she just wants to be stuck to my side no matter what I'm doing. I have a feeling that Andrew is going to be doing more than his fair share of waiting in those first few months! I know it will all work out though. I'm so excited to meet him and also to know that our family will be complete. I'm also very ready to be done being pregnant!!
Here are a few summer pics of miss Abigail: 

I haven't taken a belly pic in ages but plan to at 30 weeks so I'll post it once I take it!


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