Monday, September 1, 2014

Lake City 2014

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to Lake City with our friends for our annual end-of-summer vacation. Last year Abby was just sitting up on her own, so this year was quite a change! She had a great time playing with Elliott and Hannah, although she took quite a while to warm up to the sandy beach! There were 8 adults and 3 kids in a small two bedroom (plus sunroom!) cabin. Thankfully we made it work! Dave and I luckily got one of the bedrooms, and Abby's pack 'n play fit perfectly in the closet. I brought a curtain rod and a curtain from home and we were able to make her a little makeshift "bedroom". She slept pretty great for the most part! The forecast wasn't looking too great before we left, but the weather ended up turning out pretty nice, which was a great surprise! We headed up to the cottage Friday morning, and we spent the rest of
Friday just hanging out and letting the kids play outside. Saturday morning the sun came out so we all headed down to the beach. The cottage that we rent on Lake Missaukee has the most amazing sandy-bottom beach with clear, shallow water. Abby really didn't like putting her feet in the sand, but she eventually warmed up enough to sit in the water and play with her toys! Dave, Abby, and I went into town later that evening for an ice cream treat. Abby is used to being on the go a lot at home and she wasn't a huge fan of staying at the cottage all day. By Saturday evening she kept asking over and over again to go bye-bye, so we obliged! We ended up getting caught in a quick downpour and came back to the house soaked! Sunday the skies were a bit more cloudy, so we had a pretty low key day and put the kiddos down for early naps. After nap time we enjoyed more time at the beach before taking the pontoon out to this awesome sandbar in the late afternoon. Once again, Abby was NOT a fan of the sand, but she had fun hanging out on the boat having snacks and dancing. We all decided that next year we will definitely spend more time out at the sand bar because it was so beautiful and the perfect place to hang out for the day. At almost 32 weeks pregnant, the weekend definitely exhausted me! I'm so glad that we went though. We are already trying to figure out how we can swing things next year, since our crew will no doubt be growing by at least one and possibly more than that. We may need to find a bigger cottage! At least next year I'll be able to enjoy some adult beverages again :)

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