Monday, November 12, 2012

29 week office visit

I had another OB appointment this morning and saw yet another doctor from the practice.  Her name was Dr. Garren, and while she was very nice, she was quite a bit more intense than any of the other doctors I've seen so far.  Basically, because of my history of hypertension, plus the fact that my sister had pre-eclampsia with her fist pregnancy, they want to start monitoring me very closely soon.  In a few weeks we'll go in for a growth ultrasound, and then from there I will be having weekly - or possibly even biweekly - non-stress tests, amniotic fluid checks, and office visits.  They basically just want to make sure that Abby is still growing properly and that the placenta is functioning normally as my pregnancy progresses.  It means a lot more appointments for me, which on the one hand I'm grateful for because we'll have reassurance that Abby is doing well.  On the other hand, the appointments will be long and I'll have to miss some work, which I'll need to try to work out with my bosses.  I'm looking forward to being done with work so that I can have greater flexibility with my appointment scheduling and won't have to stress out about missing work for an appointment.  Dr. Garren said that with my previous hypertension, plus the fact that this is my first baby, and that my sister had pre-eclampsia, my risk for developing pre-e is over 50%.  That was a little scary to hear!  There's not really much I can do about it though besides continue my blood pressure medication, monitor my blood pressure at home, and be closely monitored by my doctor.  Other than the increase in appointments coming up soon, Abby was doing great.  My blood pressure was really good, and I am measuring 31 cm, which is just a tad big but Dr. Garren said is totally fine.  Abby's heart rate was 146 and the nurse noted that as of right now she is lodged up in my rib cage.  I think that's all for the updates right now!

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