Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quilt & Nursery Pics

I sequestered myself in the house this weekend in an attempt to just relax and take it easy...but of course I ended up cleaning and sewing a bit too.  I finally finished Abby's baby quilt!  I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  The mix of patterns and colors goes really well with her room.  As with all of my sewing projects, it's far from perfect, but I think there's something about the imperfections that makes it even more special.  Here are a few pictures of the quilt:

Obviously she won't be using it in her crib for quite a while, but I still like having it up in her nursery so that I can see it when I'm in there :)  Here are a few more pictures of the nursery right now. 

A view of the crib and mobile.

The changing table wall.  We still need a changing pad, but this area is pretty much done otherwise.  It's even complete with diapers and wipes!

Abby's closet as of right now, with a fresh coat of white paint inside to spruce things up.  I had a hard time deciding what clothes to hang and what to put in the dresser, so I may reorganize down the road.  

The "mom corner", as I like to call it. 

 The dresser alcove when you first enter the room.

 My sister made us an awesome diaper cake for our baby shower and it came with a TON of hair clips and headbands!  She even made this bow holder too :)  Let's just hope baby girl has some hair and isn't a baldy baby like I was!

 Speaking of my sister, she also made us this art work that I absolutely love!

The housekeeper of the family that I nanny for got us this adorable owl night light.

I think those are all the updates for now!  Honestly, we need some more winter clothes and few other odds and ends, but otherwise we are pretty much ready for Abby's arrival.  Kind of scary!  The last big purchase that we need to make is a breast pump, but I was advised by my insurance company to wait until January because they *may* cover part or all of one at that time.  Most insurance plans are currently required to cover breast pumps and other nursing supplies thanks to Obamacare, but since we have a grandfathered plan that was in place before the Affordable Care Act was signed, our insurance plan is not required to comply.  However, the best answer that I can get out of our insurance company is to check back in January to see if the terms have changed, so here's hoping Abby doesn't come too early!  Thankfully, we put a lot of money into our health savings plan this year in anticipation of our fertility treatment costs.  Insurance actually ended up covering a great deal of those charges thanks to some loopholes, so we have a lot of money left that we need to use or we lose by March, so if insurance won't pay for a double electric breast pump like I want, then we can use our health savings to pay for one.  If they do end up covering one, then Dave and I might both be getting some new glasses instead.  Still no word from my doctor about my glucose and anemia test results, so hopefully I'll hear soon.  Or maybe no news is good news?  I should have asked at my last appointment!  I have another routine visit a week from Monday so at least I'll find out for sure whether I passes or failed then!

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