Friday, November 30, 2012

32 Weeks!

32 weeks pregnant today!  I am feeling SOOO BIG lately.  I've seriously got about an inch left between my belly and the steering wheel in our van before I need to move it up and out of the way.  I don't think my picture from this week looks much different than the past few weeks, but I feel so much bigger for some reason!

I forced myself to wear my maternity jeans this week and they didn't fall down as much.  Maybe because my belly is bigger now it's easier for them to stay up?  They're still not the most comfortable things in the world because they dig in where the secret panel ends and the denim begins.  But at least I don't have to live in just leggings for the next 8 weeks anymore.  

This week Abby is the size of a red squash or a jicama.

She is most likely in the head down position now and is fattening up in preparation for life in the outside world!

32 Week Survey:
How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: No change this week, still a net loss of 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity clothes: All!
Stretch marks: Nothing new this week.
Sleep: I'm still breaking in my wrist braces and have yet to make it through an entire night with them on.  More than anything, flipping from side to side is getting to be quite the challenge with this big belly in the way!  I'm tired, but not as tired as I'm sure I'll be with a newborn in the house!
Best moment this week: Got off work early two days in a row!
Movement: Yes, still lots.  I really notice now when she's sound asleep and when she's up and at 'em.  
Food cravings: One night this week I wanted a chocolate milkshake so bad that I had to go get one right that minute!
Gender: Still a little girl!  At least she'd better be.  Hopefully we will get yet another confirmation at our growth ultrasound next week.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out: Still in.

What I miss: Being able to run around and be on my feet without having major back pain :-/
What I am looking forward to: Our growth ultrasound and couples baby shower next week!
Milestones: I'm not sure there was one this week.

I'd now like to treat everyone to a little something I'll call "How To Speak To a Pregnant Woman In Her Third Trimester"...

When you ask her how she's feeling and she says that she is having a lot of back and hip pain, you should NOT say, "Oh, but you still have SOOO much time left!  Have you talked to your doctor about this?  How will you make it all the way to your due date?"  Instead, you should say, "She'll be here before you know it and the pain will disappear.  Here, have some ice cream!"

You should NOT say, "Wow, you look huge lately!"  Instead, you should say, "You look amazing!  You're all belly and are definitely not showing anywhere else.  From the back I wouldn't even know you're pregnant!  Here, have some ice cream!"

You should NOT tell me how horrible your birth, epidural, c-section, breastfeeding experience, etc was before I have had the chance to experience any of these things for myself.  Instead, you should tell me how amazing being a parent is and that it's all worth it.  And of course, OFFER ME ICE CREAM!

I realize that these are lofty expectations and that I am an extremely cranky pregnant woman, so I'll do my best to forgive any transgressions.  Basically, it's been a long week.  My back and hips are hurting, I do have a long way to go until my due date and I am HUGE.  Or at least I feel huge anyway.  Not to mention that we hit a car after child birth class the other night and it most definitely belonged to the only parents in our class who are having twins.  And it was their brand new car.  It was a complete accident and everything will be fine, and really I'm just grateful that no one was hurt, but it still threw a kink in the week.  Combine that with the enormous half-giant baby that I'm convinced is growing inside me and I'm ready to settle down for my long winter's nap!

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