Wednesday, April 16, 2014

12 Weeks - Baby #2

I've been so bad about taking weekly pictures this time around!  Also, I can't for the life of me seem to get a clear picture with the self-timer these days.  Oh well!  12 weeks today and feeling great.  I battled a sinus infection a few weeks ago, and I'm still dealing with that a little bit, mostly in the form of congestion, coughing, and some headaches.  But, in terms of pregnancy symptoms, I'm still feeling pretty great!  Mostly, I'm just really tired.  I'm hoping that falling asleep on the couch at 8pm will be over soon!  I feel very lucky that I haven't had any real morning sickness, nausea, food aversions, or anything of the sort.  Also, I've felt a few baby nudges!  I thought it might happen soon, because I felt Abby very early too.  I usually feel the baby when I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor and bent over.  I love it and can't wait for the bigger movements in a few weeks!!

We had an OB checkup last Friday and ended up getting an ultrasound.  Two different nurses couldn't find the heartbeat on the Doppler...while I laid there having a panic attack!  Thank goodness Dave left work early to come with me, because it was pretty much my worst nightmare come true.  I've just been SO worried that something is wrong with this pregnancy, mostly because I haven't had many symptoms.  When they couldn't find the heartbeat, I feared the absolute worst.  Thankfully, we were able to get right into an ultrasound room and as soon as the tech put the wand on my belly there was baby clear as day.  Heart rate was 154 and baby was moving so much that the tech could barely get measurements, let alone a clear picture!  She remarked that once I can feel this baby moving I'll never stop feeling it :)  After that, the rest of the appointment was pretty standard.  I thought that I was going to have a full pelvic exam and pap, but Dr. Thomas said that it wasn't necessary, which was nice!  Of course my blood pressure was high, but I honestly attribute that to nerves!  The nurse took it one more time at the very end of the appointment and it was 122/80, which is great for me.  So, I'm just going to keep monitoring it at home for now and we'll see where we go from here.  I'm opting for a repeat c-section, so that will most likely be scheduled for sometime during my 39th week.  Dr. Thomas did mention that if my blood pressure is out of control she would like to deliver between 37-38 weeks instead, but I don't even want to worry about that for now.  Hopefully baby will be here around October 24th or so :) 

We were able to schedule our anatomy scan for June 9th - it feels so far away!  I'm hoping that time will fly by, because I know that I will be able to connect with this pregnancy a little more once I know if baby is a boy or a girl.  I think we have *finally* decided on our name choices, after lots of back and forth.  So, if baby is a boy he will be Andrew David Main.  If baby is a girl she will be Rosalie Ann Main.  Can't wait to find out!

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