Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Weeks - Baby #2

I missed 9 weeks!  I've had a bad sinus infection/cold/cough all week and haven't had much energy.  I hope I can keep up and not skip another week!

I cannot possibly describe how huge I feel these days.  How is that even possible at only ten weeks pregnant!?!  The baby is the size of a kumquat (only an inch long!) so why on earth do I look so enormously pregnant??  It is so bizarre to me.  I know that some of my belly is obviously fluff, but I'm only a few pounds off from what I weighed when I was pregnant with Abby, so it's pretty crazy.  For comparison's sake, here is me at 10 weeks pregnant with Abby (although this dress doesn't give a great representation of my bump):

And here is me wearing the same outfit that I wore for my ten week picture with Baby #2 at 27 weeks with Abigail:

And a side by side just because:

Ahh! Kind of scary.  Anyway, other than my sinus infection, which I am now taking antibiotics for, I'm feeling great.  It makes me incredibly anxious, because I still don't really feel pregnant at all.  I'm getting a little concerned about what my weight gain might be with this pregnancy as well.  I was SO lucky when I was pregnant with Abby.  I already weigh exactly what I did the day I delivered Abigail!  I've gained about three pounds since finding out I was pregnant.  At this rate, I'll be Shamu by delivery time.  Not cool!!  As opposed to constant morning sickness, I'm basically a ravenous pig all day long.  I'm ALWAYS hungry.  And I only want carbs.  Hopefully that changes soon because I can't continue like this!

I think that's all for now.  We have our next OB appointment next Friday and I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I feel like the baby has to be fine, because I keep growing and getting bigger.  But I worry every day that something is just off with this pregnancy, because it feels so very different than the last one.  My gut says this baby is a BOY all the way!!  The funny thing is that I would really love another little girl, and especially for Abby to have a sister.  I would love a boy too, though, so either way it's wonderful news.  I can't wait to make sure that baby is doing great and the heart beat is still strong.  I'll be better next week about posting on time!

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