Thursday, April 24, 2014

15 Months!

Miss Abigail is 15 months old!  She's finally walking all over the place and that has been SO fun.  It's still kind of funny to see her toddling around, because she seems so small to me!  But I really love that she can walk now, and she is becoming more and more independent.  That independence has also brought some tantrums too, because sometimes what she wants to do isn't what Dave and I want her to do!  She has become very decisive lately and tries very hard to communicate her desires with us.  It's funny but can also be frustrating all around when we don't understand what she's asking for.  Hopefully more language will come soon.  She has said night-night a few times, and she says mama very clearly, although not always in the right context.  She is learning the word flower, and she tries to say light and cat.  She can say dada, but hasn't said it in a while and signs dada instead.  It will be really interesting to see how her vocabulary develops and changes in the coming months now that the BIG walking milestone is completed.  She uses the sign for "more" to indicate when she wants something.  She learned how to sign "please" so we are working on that.  She LOVES waving hi to absolutely everyone, especially any kids she sees.  It is so cute!  We are still working on transitioning to one nap, and every day I just play things by ear depending on what time she wakes up in the morning.  I have a feeling that this transition will still take a few more months.  Abby loves her sleep!  Night sleep has been good, although some nights it takes her a while to fall asleep.  She still goes to bed easily though and just talks and plays in her crib until she drifts off.  I love having such a good sleeper!  I think that's it on updates for now! 

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