Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breastfeeding Woes

I mentioned in a previous post that once Abby and I were home from the hospital she and I got the hang of breastfeeding and all was going well. Unfortunately, things have sort of gone downhill since then :-( About a week and a half ago we started trying to give Abby a bottle of pumped breast milk in the evenings. It's important to both Dave and I that she be able to take a bottle, so that we can be away from her in the future at some point and also so that Dave can help feed her and bond with her too. The first bottle feeding was a disaster, so we waited a few days and then tried again with a different bottle type. She took that bottle pretty well, but literally ever since that day she has not been latching properly while breastfeeding! My nipples are sore now, and she and I both get so frustrated while nursing. What's worse is that I'm worried that she's not getting enough food, plus she makes this clicking sound and takes in air so she is super gassy and uncomfortable. The whole situation is so depressing. She's also been really, really fussy lately and I have to think that the nursing troubles are a big part of the problem. Poor girl screamed a good majority of the day today, which of course just made me frazzled on top of being exhausted. We have an appointment to see a lactation consultant tomorrow and hopefully she will be able to help!! I'm going crazy because my nipples are starting to scab over again and our poor daughter seems so darn miserable most of her waking moments. It's heartbreaking. Anyway, I'll update after the appointment tomorrow...fingers crossed that we can get back on a better path!

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