Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day In the Life - 14 Months

It's been quite a while since I've done a day in the life post! Here's a recent day:

4am - I'm awake. Ever since getting pregnant again I've struggled with middle-of-the-night insomnia. I end up reading on my phone and drift off around 5am. 

5:45am - My alarm goes off. I check the video monitor and Abby is already awake and chatting. I hop in the shower so that Dave can use the bathroom after me. The joys of only having one full bath! I get back in bed for a little emailing and internet on my phone while Abby plays in her crib for a bit. We are VERY lucky that she will happily play in her crib in the mornings!

6:45am - I finally drag myself out of bed and get Abby. After a diaper change we head down for breakfast and to say a quick goodbye to Daddy who is on his way out the door. 

7:15am - Abigail is done with breakfast. I let her watch half of a Superwhy episode while I clean up and get my own coffee and breakfast. Then we spend time playing for a while. 

8:30am - Nap time! Abby is still taking two naps. We brush teeth and she goes down in her crib. She's asleep within minutes without making a peep. While she naps I get myself ready for the day, sweep the floors, unload the dishwasher, and relax for a bit. 

10:30am - Abby is still sleeping! I wake her up and get her dressed. She has a quick snack and then we walk down the street to playgroup at our neighbor's house. Abby plays and chases the other kids around while I chat with the moms. 

12:30pm - We walk home (while I chat on the phone with my sister!) and Abigail plays some more while I make us a quick lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. Abby gets an apple/banana pouch and some milk too. 

1pm - I clean up our lunch and get started making some banana muffins. Abby wanders around the whole first floor dragging her baby dolls, pushing her stroller, and playing with her dump truck. She joins me in the kitchen wanting to play in the trash can (yuck!) so I give her an empty kosher salt canister to play with. 

1:30pm - Time for another nap! It takes Abby about 10 minutes to fall asleep. I watch her play with her stuffed animals on the monitor while finishing the muffins and making meatloaf for dinner. 

3pm - Naptime is over! Time for another snack and then we read books for a bit and play with blocks. 

4pm - I get the rest of dinner ready quickly. Roasted potatoes and steamed cauliflower to go with the meatloaf. 

4:40pm - Dad is home!! He used to come home a little earlier but has been working later since getting a promotion in December. We're still so lucky that he is home before 5!

5pm - Dinner time! After dinner I clean up while Abby plays with Dave (a nightly ritual so that they get some one on one play/roughhouse time). After that we watch recorded episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Abby loves to clap and dance to the Jeopardy song!

6:45pm - Time for a last sip of milk and then we all head upstairs to put Abigail to bed. Brush teeth, jammies, sleep sack, and kisses. Dave and I trade off nights putting Abby to sleep and it's my turn. We read her favorite bedtime book "Princess Baby Night-Night" and she goes to bed with her favorite stuffed doll and owl lovey. It actually takes her about thirty minutes of chatting to fall asleep, which is a little unusual for her! I think it's time to find some darker window coverings to help block the late day sun from coming in her room. 

7pm - Dave and I do our own thing and relax! I have plans to go see a movie with some girls from my book club, so I leave at 8:15pm to head to the theater. It's a later night than usual for me!

11:30am - Home and off to bed! Dave and Abby are both fast asleep. 

5:45am - A new day starts! 

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