Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Couples Shower!

This past weekend our friends Kendra and Ali hosted a couples baby shower for me and Dave!  The shower was so much fun and as usual, Kendra and Ali were the perfect hostesses!  It was so great to celebrate Abby's upcoming arrival with lots of our good friends, including some that we haven't seen in quite a while.  Several babies have been welcomed into the group in the last year and there will be a few more this coming year too, so it's an exciting time to say the least!  I love that we are getting to experience parenthood with our friends and that our babies will grow up together!

Our friends love to get together for a party and the shower was no exception :)  Beverages were flowing, and after a few games we had salad and pizza from a great local place.  Dave and I received so many adorable clothes, toys, books, and other items for Abby.  We're pretty much ready for her arrival other than a few little odds and ends!  Some of the games at the shower included a game called Couple Shuffle, where Kendra used a computer program to mesh peoples' faces together to see what their adult children would look like!  The game included everyone at the party and it was hilarious trying to figure out which two people (not always from an actual couple!) were represented.  Guests also had to try to guess how many times I used the restroom in a four hour time period!  The guys all played a game where they had to see how far they could launch a pacifier using only their mouth, and we all played a baby facts trivia game.  They were very fun and original games and my cheeks hurt from laughing!  After games, dinner, and gifts most guests stayed for hours talking, drinking, and playing games.  Dave and I finally called it a night around 11pm, but I'm sure the party continued for a while after that :)  Here are some pictures from the shower:

We feel so lucky to have so many great friends to celebrate this big event with!  I'm hoping baby girl bakes for a few more weeks and then before we know it, we'll be PARENTS!  

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