Sunday, March 23, 2014

14 Months

I'm late on this post yet again! Last week Abby got a double ear infection and we are finally getting back to normal around here after a few days of antibiotics. I can't imagine what I would do if I had a child who was sick all the time! This is the first time Abby has been sick, other than a runny nose in the week before her ear infection. Seeing my poor baby in so much pain was horrible! Thankfully, we were able to get into the pediatrician quickly and I'm glad that she was able to get a prescription and is on the mend :)

At 14 months, Abby is doing great! They weighed her at the doctor and she weighs 21.3 pounds. She hasn't gained much since her 12 month checkup, but that's to be expected with how active she is these days. She's still not walking. I really hope she does soon!! We are so ready for it, especially with nice weather on the horizon. I can't wait to take her to the park to play and to the lake this summer. She has been very vocal lately and babbles all day long. She still signs quite a bit, and made up her own sign for help, which was been very useful. Her favorite word to say is "dada" and her favorite animal sound is barking like a dog! It's hilarious and she learned how to do it because our neighbor leaves her 6 dogs outside all the time (not cool!!). Abby also loves to watch the birds at the feeder now that they have returned. 

We've tried doing one nap a handful of times. Some days go great and others she is miserable (and then so am I), so for the most part she is still happily taking two naps. She had a few nights of restless sleep last week, which we thought was teeth-related but now know was probably a combination of teething and her ears bothering her. Abby still sleeps 11-12 hours straight most nights, which is wonderful. We really are so lucky to have a child that is so easy to put down for naps and bedtime. I just hope that the next baby loves sleep as much as she does!

Abby weaned herself completely from bottles a few weeks ago, so that was a pleasant surprise. I thought that it would be a long and drawn out process, but she made it quite simple! She was only having one bottle a day before bedtime, so we started reducing the amount of milk in the bottle by one ounce per week. By the time we got down to 3 ounces she started refusing the bottle. After she refused it for three nights in a row, we just stopped offering. How great! Now we just offer Abby her sippy of milk before heading upstairs to bed. She usually has a few sips and then it's time for brushing teeth and jammies and a story. I worried so much about stopping the bottle so I'm glad that it went so smoothly! I put them all away until the next baby arrives :)

I think that's all for now. Here are a few recent pictures!

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