Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Ultrasound - Baby #2

First of all, in exciting news, Dave and I have a new niece! His sister and her husband welcomed their daughter Audrey Marie last night and she is just beautiful! We are going out to Denver in May and cannot wait to meet her!!

So, I had my first ultrasound for the new baby today! I had some pretty intense abdominal pain a while ago and it started to localize on my left side, so my doctor was concerned. I've had five blood tests to check my hcg levels, and while they have continued to rise appropriately, the levels were not as high as they should be for being as far along as I am. Hence the ultrasound. Dave met me and Abby at the OB today and we went back in the ultrasound room. The tech started the ultrasound and right away I could see the gestational sac...but it appeared to be empty. In that moment I felt like all of my worst fears were coming true! Even worse, Abby was not cooperating and Dave ended up needing to take her out to the lobby, so I was left alone. The tech searched and searched and told me that she could see the sac but couldn't find a fetal pole. I literally felt like I couldn't breath. But then she thought that she saw something, so she kept searching around and was finally able to find the baby! I'm measuring over a week behind, so that puts me at exactly 6 weeks today, which is still so very early! I was able to see the heart beating too, so I am definitely feeling much less anxious about everything! I ended up not seeing a doctor because there was a wait and everything on the ultrasound looked normal. The tech didn't give me a new due date, but I have an appointment next week so I will talk to the nurse about that then. Technically, my new due date would be October 29th. Here is the first picture of our new baby!

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