Thursday, September 13, 2012

21 Weeks!

I'm technically a day early, but I may not get to this tomorrow so I wanted to write this post up tonight.  21 weeks as of Friday!  How exciting :)  On Monday I'm going to the doctor for my follow-up ultrasound, so that's something to look forward to!  Dave actually can't make it to that appointment, so hopefully all will be well.  Here is my 21 week pic:

Supposedly Abby is about the size of a pomegranate this week, which actually doesn't make much sense to me because a banana seems larger than a pomegranate, but hey, I'll go with it...

I took some time to work on art work for the nursery this week!  I spray painted some frames for some prints I found online, and I just love how they turned out:

The little speaker looking thing in the lower right-hand corner is an old intercom system that doesn't exist anywhere in the house except this room any more.  I debated removing it and patching the wall, but in the end I just decided to paint it.  I kind of love the quirkiness it adds to the space.  My mom joked that we should use it as the baby monitor, ha!  The prints hang just above the changing table, so here are a few other shots to show where they are in the room (also, as usual, the wall color is very difficult to photograph!):

You can see the dresser sitting in the little alcove near the entrance to the room.  I also hung a french memory board over the dresser:

And this little guy I painted at a paint-your-own-pottery studio a few weeks before we knew that we were having a little girl.  I love that he still compliments the color palette in the room!

I also painted a name art canvas to hang on the wall above the crib:

Again, there are some discrepancies with the color in the pictures.  The orange that I used to paint the "I"s is much more vibrant and visible in real life!  I really need to find a photo editing software with white balance that's easy to use, because the lighting in the nursery makes for some very poor photographs!  Overall, I am so pleased with how all the art has come together so far.  My sister also made some really adorable owl canvases  that I plan to hang on the wall above the glider once she gives them to me!  I haven't started my other sewing projects yet, but that's next on the list.

This week has been pretty good.  I still had some morning sickness one day, and woke up nauseous quite a few days.  I am truly beginning to think that the morning sickness might last throughout my entire pregnancy.  At least it's not every day anymore, so I'm thankful for that.  Other than the queasies, I've been feeling pretty good.  I'm still down ten pounds and still feeling great about that.  I bought some maternity leggings this week and LOVE them.  Thank god for comfortable maternity pants!  I tried wearing a pair of the maternity jeans I bought a while ago, and by the time I got up the driveway at work the pants were falling down so badly that I almost flashed the neighbors!  I had to go home and make an emergency wardrobe change.  I have NO idea why they don't stay up, because they seem to fit perfectly when I stand still.  I was really bummed because they weren't exactly cheap, and since I hemmed them there's no possible way to return them now.  I bought another pair in a different style, so I am going to try wearing those around the house tomorrow and see how they do before wearing them to work.  I think they'll stay up better because the denim doesn't start as low down as the other pair.  We shall see!  If they don't work I'll be SUPER disappointed.  Then I suppose I'll get over it and live in my comfy leggings, long tops, and boots for the rest of my pregnancy!  My amazing husband got me some ADORABLE leather boots for my birthday (and of course gave them to me early because I put on a major pouty face when they arrived and he told me I had to wait until my actual birthday to open them!).  Here's a pic:

They are so cute and comfy, and they look awesome with my new maternity leggings!  I can't wait to wear them once the weather is cool enough!

I'll skip the survey this week, since not too much is new.  If I get some more pictures from the ultrasound on Monday I'll post them asap!

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