Monday, September 3, 2012

Anatomy Scan Ultrasound

We had our big anatomy scan on Friday at exactly 19 weeks.  Abby is healthy and most definitely still a little girl!  She was measuring a little small for her gestational age, but my doctor was not concerned by this at all.  She basically said that since I'm not a large person she doesn't expect me to have a very large baby!  The ultrasound tech was not able to obtain all of the pictures of Abby's heart and pelvis that she wanted, so we are going back in two weeks for another ultrasound.  Hopefully baby girl will cooperate and they can get all the shots that they need to ensure that everything is totally healthy and normal.  Dr. Horton said that there was absolutely no cause for concern, she just likes to be absolutely certain when it comes to things like the heart.  She did not see anything that would concern her, but she just wants to get all the angles that they normally do.  I hope that everything turns out ok!  Here are a few pictures and video clips from Abby's ultrasound:

We went up north this past weekend with friends and rented a cabin on the lake, which is something we've been doing with them for a number of years now.  As always, it was a great time!  It was a bit different for me this year because I couldn't drink.  Instead, I slept a TON!  Our friends brought their 5 week old son with them and it was so wonderful to spend so much time with him.  I couldn't get enough snuggles!  It made me want Abby to be here sooo badly!  Next year will sure be different up at the cabin! :-)

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