Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Window Blinds!

The new window blinds for the nursery arrived yesterday! We got down to business today and installed them...and when I say "we", I mean that my husband did most of the work and I stood around pacing. We replaced the old cellular blinds with wooden blinds, and while I love the way that they look they are a total pain in the a** to install because of our plaster walls and metal window frames. Thankfully, Dave was able to finally get them up and I love how they turned out! They have a blackout liner on the back of them, but unfortunately because the blinds don't sit completely flush to the window, a little light gets through. They're still a huge improvement over the old, very sheer blinds, so I think they'll work out great! I plan to add a custom sewn window valance and curtain rod to the top of the blinds, so those will cover up the wood valances they came with. I can't wait to see the finished product! Here is a picture of the old blinds:

And here are the newly installed wood blinds:

Unfortunately the difference in light made it hard to get an accurate shot of the wall color, but the top picture is more true-to-life than the bottom one. That's one task checked off the to-do list!

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