Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nursery Plans

I've pretty much taken the reigns when it comes to decorating our home, and the nursery is no exception. Thankfully my husband doesn't mind letting my creative juices run wild! The nursery has always sat empty in our home, and until just a few weeks ago we always kept the door closed. It was just a reminder for me that we weren't pregnant yet. After we'd lived in our home for a year, I decided it was time to at least paint the room. The color on the walls before was a really dirty, streaky gray and it was terrible! I knew I wanted something fun and bright, but also gender neutral, so we ended up going with a very fun green color called Mojito. This picture is not in our home, but it shows the color pretty well:

It's hard to get a true-to-life shot of the color, but it's a fun, bright, apple green color that I really love. Plus it compliments the bright white trim really well. Now that we're expecting, I've been slowly but surely adding to my list of nursery necessities. Here is the crib set I have picked out (and thankfully Dave also likes):
I've decided to forgo the traditional nursery bedding set and just make my own crib skirt, blanket, and window valances. This is the fabric I've picked out if Baby Main is a girl:

And if Baby Main is a boy, this is the fabric I've selected:

For both fabrics, I'll choose a solid color fitted sheet to go with the crib skirt and quilt or blanket that I'll sew. I'm thinking a deep teal for a boy and a light pink for a girl. I've also already ordered new bamboo shades for the room that match the oak floors and have a blackout liner to help the baby sleep when it's light out. We have hardwood floors in all of the bedrooms in our home, so I've picked out a 5' x 8' area rug for the room too. For a girl's room:

And for a boy's room:

They're both cozy area rugs that will fit the strange shape of the nursery well and provide some floor space to play on. I also want to put up a fun wall decal like this one:

And of course we'll need a glider chair for nursing and rocking the baby:

I like the brown glider so that I'll hopefully be able to use it for our next child too. I'd also like to make some owl-themed artwork for the walls using small canvases and scrapbook paper, plus I'd like to do something fun with the baby's name. I can't wait to start decorating once we find out for sure whether we're having a boy or a girl! I think once we hit the second trimester I'll go ahead and start ordering the furniture. Once that's in the room we can really get a good feel for the space and see if there are any other pieces that we may need or want (like a laundry basket, bookshelf, etc).

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