Friday, August 24, 2012

18 Weeks!

18 weeks today!  We're ALMOST half way there!  I know that I shouldn't wish my pregnancy to go by any faster, but time is really, really dragging by :-/  Thankfully, next week we have our big anatomy scan.  I'm hoping that I'll feel a lot better about things after having the ultrasound and knowing that Abby is growing properly and everything is in the right place!  We'd also love to get a second confirmation that she is most definitely a girl :)  I really don't have any doubts there though.

Yesterday I decided that since fall (and football season!) is upon us, it was finally time to buy some maternity jeans and a few tops so that I have something other than sweatpants to wear when it's cold outside.  I learned right away that maternity clothes make me look REALLY pregnant!!  That's not necessarily a bad's just been difficult for me to adjust to how much my body is changing.  I've struggled with weight my whole life, and all of a sudden my stomach is just ballooning out in front of me.  It's kind of scary!  I know it's all for a good cause, but I basically feel like a gigantic whale.  When we were trying to conceive, I never really thought much about the pregnancy part of things.  I always envisioned the baby and our lives after having a baby.  I've been wearing dresses all summer, and while I think people can probably at least sort of tell that I'm pregnant at this point, the flowy dresses hide things a little better.  Maternity clothes, on the other hand, are pretty form fitting...something I never really wore even before getting pregnant.  They definitely accentuate the bump!  Here's my 18 week picture taken while I was wearing a new pair of maternity jeans and a top:

Abigail is now the size of a sweet potato!

I'm still just feeling flutters and an occasional small kick...but nothing big at this point.  I really can't wait until I can feel her consistently, just for the reassurance.  Still no weight gain as of yet, which I'm completely fine with!  I know that it will happen at some point, but right now I am very content with seeing the same number on the scale every morning, especially since it's still ten pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I think that's about it for new baby news at this point!

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