Monday, August 6, 2012

Nursery Progress

We've made some great progress in the nursery!  Originally, I had picked out a furniture set from Walmart that I really liked, but then on a whim changed my mind because I wanted a larger dresser for added storage.  We ended up getting the furniture from Ikea instead.  While it was a pain to put together, I like how most of it turned out.  The crib is my favorite item.  We ended up going with the Ikea Sundvik crib in white.  I had originally thought I wanted the Gulliver, but when we got to the store the Gulliver was NOT white.  It was a cream color and I was turned off immediately.  We have bright white trim in the room and one thing I've always been sure on is that I want white nursery furniture.  So, the Sundvik was the next best thing!  I actually prefer the size and scale of the Sundvik better too, the Gulliver was quite small.  Here is the crib all set up in the nursery:

Here is another picture to show where it is situated in the room a little bit better:

I'm not in love with the changing table, because it came with the huge black screws.  I originally had plans to paint them, but I should have done it BEFORE assembling the table.  I knew that I wanted to have a changing table in the nursery though, and I think this one will work out fine once I get some baskets for organizing supplies:

We ended up going with the Malm dresser.  I love the look of the dresser, but the top two drawers are very finicky and don't really line up properly unless they are very carefully closed.  I think we'll just keep less used items in those drawers and try to live with the small flaw.  Talk about a let down though after spending so much time assembling the dresser!  I wasn't a very happy camper.

Lastly, we purchased a Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman.  I love the look of the set and the glider is really comfortable.  Unfortunately, the glider came with a broken snap for the armrest cushions, so those aren't attached right now.  Hopefully when I contact the company they will be able to send me a replacement snap and then we'll be all set.  For now, here is a picture of the glider and ottoman without the armrest cushions:

We will hopefully find out this weekend if our little bean is a boy or a girl, but I'm still planning to wait until we have confirmation at our anatomy scan at the OB to go ahead and start buying gender specific things.  I saw the PERFECT rug for a girl's room the other day at Meijer for a great price, but I stopped myself from buying it just yet!  It was pink with white stripes and I just loved it.  The one great thing about living in a college town is that pretty soon the students will be coming back and stores like Meijer start carrying all sorts of area rugs and furniture that they don't normally carry.  I'm hoping to find a rug at a great price and possibly a white little side table to go next to the glider for a lamp, snacks, etc.  The pink rug I had originally picked out is no longer available, so hopefully if baby is a girl I'll be able to find something locally that I like.  I love how everything is coming together!  Plus, having all the big stuff done will leave me lots of time for the little things like sewing, artwork, etc :)

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