Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Abby's Nursery In Progress

Abby's nursery is coming together!  I found a perfect small area rug at Meijer today for an absolute steal (and it was the last one!) that I just love.  I think it will look really great with the fabric we're going to use for accents.  The rug has a few imperfections, but it was only $25, and all the other 5 x 7 rugs that I've been looking at were over $100, so I'm thrilled with it!  Here's a picture of the main room of the nursery so far:

Someone else really likes the new rug too :)  The dresser is located in a little alcove near the entrance to the room, so it's hard to photograph.  Just as a reminder, here it is:

The wall color looks really off in this picture because there wasn't much natural light in the room at the time.  Here is the fabric that we're planning to buy soon:

I ordered a sample a few days ago, so hopefully once that arrives and I can confirm that I like it in person, I'll be able to order the full amount that I want to make a crib skirt, quilt, small pillow for the glider, and possibly two window valances.  I think it's going to look perfect with the rug!  I would also like to make some of my own owl-themed art work, similar to these:

The blog I found these on, www.daffodildesign.com, even has free templates to some of these cute canvases.  I can't wait to start on things and see them hung up on the walls!  My other art work plans involve doing something with her name, kind of like this:

Or maybe something like this:
The last piece of furniture that I'd like to find is a small white side table to put next to the glider to keep snacks, my kindle, phone, etc. while I nurse (yes, in my head I will be able to read a book and relax while nursing, ha!).  I'm hoping to find something like either of these:

I just love how everything is coming together so far!  Abby is one very loved little girl already :)

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