Saturday, August 11, 2012


We had our 16 week early gender ultrasound today and baby is without a doubt 100% GIRL!!!  For some reason, the pictures that they gave us on cd aren't as clear as what we were able to see on the screen at the ultrasound, but I'll still post some anyway :)  We got a dvd of the whole ultrasound too, so I will try to figure out how to put that on here later.  I had some orange juice to drink about an hour before the appointment, and the baby was super active!  It was fun to see her moving all around. Without further ado:

Abigail Elizabeth Main

She is definitely all girl!  The tech said there's no chance that she has or will ever have boy parts.  Here's a little peak at her goods.

Looking right at mom and dad!

Tiny little baby foot!

Our daughter!

It was SO wonderful to be able to see her in a relaxed, non-medical setting.  The technician made us feel extremely comfortable and let us look at our baby girl for a long time without rushing us.  It was worth every penny in my opinion!!  I had such a strong feeling all along that the baby was a girl, and it was nice to find out that I was right!  We absolutely cannot wait to meet Abby in January!

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