Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Crib Skirt

I knew that as soon as I found the fabric for Abby's nursery, I would want to get started on my sewing projects.  First up was the crib skirt.  I majorly cheated with this project and just made one panel for the front of the crib and one for one short side of the crib, since the other two sides are up against walls and don't show.  I hit a bit of a snag when making the longest panel, because the pattern of the fabric only runs one way.  I ended up winging things a bit and made a faux box pleat with a coordinating fabric to accommodate for the fact that I couldn't make one long panel that was all one piece.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  At this point the skirt panels are attached to the crib frame and platform with clear duct tape.  I'm really not sure how well that will hold up in the long run (and I'm really hoping that it won't strip the white lacquer finish of the crib in the places where the tape is actually touching the white surface), but it was much easier than dealing with velcro or something similar.  Here's the final product:

I didn't really follow a specific tutorial for this project, I just measured things and then ironed and hemmed as I went.  As with all of my sewing projects, it's far from perfect, but I love the end result!  Next on my list is Abby's baby quilt, but that may take a little while!

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