Friday, June 22, 2012

8 Weeks 3 Days

At 8 weeks 3 days we were scheduled to go for our second early ultrasound. I was a nervous wreck again just thinking about the bad news that we could possibly get, but wanting to be optimistic at the same time. The only comforting thought was that I have had some pretty bad morning sickness lately, and usually that's a sign that the pregnancy is progressing well. As Dave and I sat in the waiting room, a woman came out crying. My heart just broke for her, and I grabbed Dave's hand and held on tight. I almost lost it myself thinking about the bad news that the woman got and knowing that could very well be us in a few short minutes. We were finally called back and Dr. Young came right in to see us. He started the internal ultrasound and immediately we could see our baby and how much bigger it had grown! First though, he went to my left side to check the progress of my corpus luteum cyst. Unfortunately, there was not much change and it's still a little smaller than a golf ball. Then, he went to my uterus and there was our baby! It was measuring right on track and we were able to hear the heartbeat! I started laughing and crying at the same time hearing that amazing sound, but my movement caused the doctor to lose track of the heart, so he asked me to hold still and he tried again. We heard the fast thumping again right away, and after a little while he was able to take a measurement of beats per minute. Baby Main had a heart rate of 169, which is just perfect! Dr. Young printed out some pictures and let me get dressed. We met him in the other room where he basically wished us well and officially released us to my regular obstetrician! I had actually already had my first OB appointment a few days earlier with Dr. Young's blessing. At that appointment it was mostly a lot of talking, although the intake nurse was extremely concerned about my high blood pressure. I ended up having to double my dose of blood pressure medication and do a 24 urine test, which is disgusting!! You basically have to save all of your urine for a full 24 hours in a jug in the refrigerator. Not only was it gross, but I pee all the time anyway and it's just amplified during pregnancy. My morning sickness also really didn't help things! The good news is that I passed the urinalysis and my blood pressure recheck and we are ready to continue on with a (hopefully!) normal pregnancy! Here are the latest ultrasound pictures of Baby Main:

The baby is on the left side of the picture, and the large black circle on the right side of the picture is my cyst. The ultrasound picture is flipped so that everything is backwards, which is kind of confusing! The one very sad thing about being released from our RE is that we won't have another ultrasound until about 20 weeks :( It's been absolutely wonderful having the peace of mind that our baby is growing and doing well. Fortunately, at my next OB appointment at 12 weeks we will get to listen to the heartbeat, which will hopefully still be nice and strong!

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