Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going Public

When we first found out that we were pregnant, we told most of our friends and close family right away. Most people had been along on our infertility journey with us, and we wanted to share the good news with the people who had provided us with so much support while trying to conceive. After our second ultrasound, I finally felt ready to make the news Facebook official. We had originally talked about waiting until 12 weeks, then we said ten, and finally tonight at 9 weeks 4 days I just thought, "Why the heck not?" We've seen the baby and heard the heartbeat, and I feel like things are going well. So, we announced! Over the weekend I took a picture of the two of us with Dave wearing the shirt I got him for Father's Day and me holding a sign with the baby's due date on it. I love how it turned out, but I love what a great response our happy news has gotten even more!

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