Friday, June 22, 2012

Gender Intuition

I have a very strong feeling that Baby Main is a GIRL! I can't even really describe why, it's just this feeling I have. Some reasons so far that are helping to confirm this intuition are as follows:

  • I crave sweets all the time. Ice cream, candy, peanut butter and jelly. Meat is just not the same to me. We had steak the other night for dinner and I couldn't even finish mine. It just tasted off.
  • My skin is HORRIBLE. What's the saying about a girl? A baby girls steals your beauty? Something like that. The housekeeper at work even told me that I look different the other day. I asked her what she meant and she said my face just looks different somehow.
  • The Ramzi Method. Using the Ramzi Method to analyze very early ultrasounds, in cases where the placenta attaches on the right side of the uterus there is a 97% chance the baby will be a boy. If the placenta attaches on the left side of the uterus there is a 97% chance the baby will be a girl. Baby Main is very clearly attached on the left side of my uterus, so I say those are pretty good odds!
  • The psychic who correctly predicted when we would get pregnant also predicted that the baby would be a girl. 
  • Baby Main's heart rate was 169 beats per minute at our last ultrasound. The old wives' tale is that if the heart rate is less than 140 the baby is a boy and if it's greater than 140 the baby is a girl. This theory hasn't really been proven though!
  • My baby dreams. I've had many dreams about our baby and it's always a girl :)

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure until our gender prediction ultrasound in about ten weeks or so! Until then, I won't be banking on Baby Main being anything except a baby! The odds are fifty fifty, right? :)

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